Zip It Shut


Huddersfield emcee Eskar laces his first full length album with an ill set of style & flows, fully produced, mixed and mastered by Defenders Of Style beatmaker Jack Danz. Vocals recorded by ExP at DubWhy Studios and Sonar Cousin at Subterrania Studios. Features come from Defenders Of Style, Krankit & vocalist Jermaine A. Peterson. And DJ esSDee provides the killer cuts.

01. Intro

02. Bruce Campbell

03. Masochistic

04. Crescendo Ft. Jermaine A. Peterson

05. 3310 Ft. DJ Essdee & Defenders Of Style

06. Takin The Mick

07. Story Time

08. Interlude

09. Opposition

10. Man Vs. Woman Ft. Krankit

11. Smack It

12. Maybe

13. Electric Loose Ft. Jermaine A. Peterson

14. Drip Drop

15. Wha Ft. Dj Essdee

16. Outro

17. Opposition (Irn Mnky Remix)


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